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Community Values

At Kéan Coffee™, we believe that businesses bear a responsibility to support issues and model practices that promote greater well-being for the local community and the global community. We start by seeking out and offering coffees and teas that are Certified Organic without pesticides that harm the environment, Fair-Trade certified coffees and teas to promote healthy environments for workers, and Rainforest Alliance certified products to protect our vanishing rainforests. We also offer organic milk as an option in our coffee drinks, and many other organic products.

To contribute to protecting our earth’s resources and reducing waste in landfills, our plastic cold drink cups are made of a biodegradable plastic-alternative made from corn. Our java jackets are made from recycled paper. We encourage our regular customers to keep their favorite mugs with us, which we keep washed and ready for their use, to cut down on paper waste. We recycle ALL of our plastic milk jugs (and believe us, it's a lot!) and all newspapers left at the coffeehouse. Virtually all of our spent coffee grounds are saved and happily picked up by our guests who use them as wonderful amendment for the soil in their gardens.

These are just some of the ways that Kéan Coffee™ makes the time and effort to be environmentally responsible in every way possible. We also support many worthy causes and promote them in our coffeehouse to our guests to inspire and build positive community values on a larger scale. Our mission is to make a difference, be an example, and help to create greater social, environmental and global awareness. offering our coffeehouse as a community gathering place for social connections, discussions, and initiating positive change.

Martin has been a featured presenter at several Zero Waste conferences as well as environmental awareness symposiums and university events and has participated on decision-making panels to discuss ways to effect positive change on environmental policies. In 2007 Kéan Coffee was recognized as a "Zero Waste" business by Earth Resource Foundation, and in 2009 Kéan Coffee was named by the OC Metro as one of Orange County's "Green 15" for it's dedication to operating Kéan Coffee with a focus on sustainability.

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