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Fresh Roasted Beans
Below is our current selection of seasonally available coffees. Check back often for updates as new coffees are added regularly.
Regular Coffees
The highlands of Sidamo are considered the birthplace of coffee. It is here that the 1,845 members of Nura Korate Cooperative work together to produce the finest washed Ethiopia coffee.

This classic washed Ethiopia has cane sugar sweetness, a syrupy body, and complex soft grape and tangerine acidity. Dark chocolate and raisin notes balance a honey sweetness and marzipan intensity. The finish is long and gentle with a hint of butter cream.

Light to Medium Roast
For a limited time we are offering our acclaimed Golden Mean Espresso Blend in 5 lb. bags so that you may stock up your pantry and save some cash. Designed for the espresso purist, it holds its own with milk and sugar or drip brewed.

Thick syrupy body carries the snappy acidity and intense marzipan, dried fruit, honeyed caramel and bittersweet chocolate flavors. The finish is complex and lingering with sweet floral notes.

Light Espresso Roast
This coffee is produced by members of the indigenous Inga community (descendants of the Incas), who settled in Narino late in the 14th century. The community operates communally, guided by a council of elders, “cabildo”, who ensure ancestral laws and traditions are followed.

This honey processed coffee is dried without the skin, but with the fruit intact around the bean. Unusually sweet with peach and honeysuckle aromatics. A soft, syrupy body complements milk chocolate and cocoa butter flavors. Well-balanced apple and citrus acidity finish clean with cane sugar and tangerine notes.

Light to Medium Roast
Due to our close relationship with coffee grower Luis Alberto Balladarez at Beneficio Nuevo Segocia in the northern highlands of Nicaragua, he has reserved for us the highest quality coffee he produced this year.

A gentle, well composed coffee with honeysuckle, apricot, and plum aromas developing into a syrupy body highlighting sweet cherry and dark chocolate flavors. Soft, pear-like acidity perfectly complementing cane sugar sweetness. Smooth, lingering finish with hints of clove and star anise.

Medium Roast
High quality Bolivia coffee has been rare of late and this specific lot is a particular treasure. Caranavi region lies on the eastern ridge of the Andes Mountain range. The high elevation slows the ripening process to create a sweet and intense flavor.

Honey sweetness, black tea and peach-melon fruit notes are balanced perfectly with a butter cream mouth feel. The finish is long and smooth with hints of milk chocolate and orange blossom.

Medium Roast
Amuliba Estate was planted in the mid-1950s and acquired in 1978 by Nani (Philip Kapal), the leader of the Tsekaka Clan. The 91 hectares is covered by shade trees and is currently applying for Rainforest Alliance certification.

Aromas of plum wine, vanilla, and cedar open to a full, juicy, rich, smooth body and gentle apple and plum acidity. Flavors of brown sugar, tangerine, semi-sweet chocolate, molasses, and almond butter finish long and silky with walnut and allspice notes.

Medium to Full Roast
A small group of 52 farmers work to nurture the best possible cherry from their tiny farms growing at the edge of the Los Santos Natural Preserve. The cherry is washed and dried at the Providencia mill in Dota.

We proudly offer the very best of this year's crop. Buttery soft body and brown sugar are the base of this complex cup, with semi-sweet chocolate and tangerine notes. Essence of honeysuckle and lilac complement the Meyer lemon acidity, finishing clean and smooth with a light hint of ginger.

Light to Medium Roast
On the slopes of the highest volcano in Indonesia, Mt Kerinci, the members of Barokah Cooperative nurture their coffee trees in the Sumatran Tiger habitat. The cherry is de-pulped and washed at the cooperative, which gives the coffee a sweeter and cleaner flavor profile.

Vanilla and dill aromas give way to blackberry, pear, and hazelnut flavors. A soft grape–like acidity complements the rich viscous body, melting into a sweet, balanced finish with hints of basil and tamarind.

Full Roast
Martin has a longstanding relationship with the Zelaya family, the premier growers of specialty coffee in Antigua, in the shadow of Volcan de Agua. This offering from their holdings in Antigua is one of their finest.

Medium body and brown sugar sweetness are complimented by semi-sweet chocolate, dried blackberry and malt notes, finishing long and smooth with the classic Antigua touch of smoke and black tea.

Medium Roast
Bumbogo coffee washing station is nestled in the highlands of Gakenke district, a region famous for high quality coffee and home to many Cup of Excellence winners.

Pineapple, semi-sweet chocolate, tangerine, and Brazil nut flavors rest gently in the syrupy, full body while aromas of lavender and honeysuckle waft enticingly above. The finish is long, smooth, and sweet with grapefruit aromatics.

Medium Roast
Named for Aristotle’s ancient Greek philosophy of perfect balance, this blend of up to six origins and four different roasts is designed for the espresso purist but holds its own with milk and sugar or drip brewed.

Thick syrupy body carries the snappy acidity and intense marzipan, dried fruit, honeyed caramel and bittersweet chocolate flavors. The finish is complex and lingering with sweet floral notes. Rated 94 by Ken Davids of Coffee Review.

Light Espresso Roast
Named in memory of Martin's father Carl and the dark roast blend he was known for. This is his original recipe which he called Wiener Melange.

Toasty, pungent aromas and a deep full body open into nutty, smoky, heavy cane molasses flavors with a heavy finish and gentle tobacco and fresh leather aromatics.

Dark Espresso Roast
Milk chocolate and sweet cherry flavors predominate in this Central America/ Africa blend. A snappy green apple note and soft, lingering marzipan finish complement the smooth, syrupy body of this refreshing and satisfying cold brew coffee.

Medium Roast
Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffees
A decaf blend designed for the espresso purist. However, it holds it's own with milk & sugar or drip brew. Our Decaf Espresso features a thick, syrupy, rich body with a sweet, snappy acidity and aromas ranging from floral, to hot buttered toast, to almonds.

Taste notes of marzipan, dried fruit and honeyed caramel, with a complex, well structured and serenely balanced finish.

Light Espresso Roast
Entre Rios is an association of 33 small holder farmers in San Marcos Region just south of Huehuetenango and east of Mexico. The volcanic soil and abundant rainfall make for a distinctive cup profile.

This lush, smooth, coffee is a classis chocolate and caramel Guatemala profile with fruit forward characteristics. Apricot and semi-sweet chocolate flavors melt into the smooth, creamy body and leave a finish that’s clean, slightly smokey, and cane sugar sweet.

Medium Roast
The Sidamo region is one of the oldest coffee producing regions in the world, with heirloom varietals dating back tens of centuries. Small holder farmers tend their trees and bring the ripe cherry to the central washing station for processing.

Aromas of jasmine, orange zest, and bergamot melt into a velvety smoothness of black currant, semi-sweet chocolate, and blood orange. A honey sweetness balances the soft black grape acidity, and the finish is long and gentle with hints of anise and sandalwood.

Medium Roast
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