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Loose Leaf Teas

The Tao of Tea in Portland, Oregon takes tea seriously. The Tao of Tea is a tea company focused on the essence of tea. It's high quality, pure leaf teas are sourced from well-established and highly respected estates from the major tea regions in the world. Many of the teas are organic and fair-trade.

At Kéan Coffee™ we are proud to offer a wonderful variety of loose-leaf teas from The Tao of Tea, prepared according to their stringent tea preparation guidelines. You can also purchase these teas from us in The Tao of Tea's classic tins, or hand-packed in paper tin-tie bags.

Black Teas

A blend of smooth black tea with refreshing pear essence, dried ginger and marigold petals. Our Pear-Ginger iced tea is a summertime favorite.
3.5 oz. tin
Green Teas

Green Earl Grey
100% organic – a blend of robust green tea with oil of bergamot: aromatic, clear, smooth and sweet.
4 oz. tin

Jasmine Pearls
From Hunan Province, China, Jasmine Pearls is a hand-crafted, hand-rolled, jasmine scented green tea. An extremely popular, pleasantly fragrant tea.
4 oz. tin

Moroccan Mint
100% organic - Green tea blended with cooling spearmint, in the tradition of sweet Moroccan mint tea. Another iced tea favorite at Kean Coffee.
3.5 oz. tin

100% Organic Sencha
Jade color brew with a bright, grassy and oceanic aroma, and a smooth, mildly sweet taste. Grown in Shizuoka, Japan
4 oz. tin
Red Teas

100% organic (herbal – no caffeine) From Cape Province, South Africa. A full-bodied, fruity, earthy tea.
4 oz. tin
Yerba Maté

Argentinean Yerba Maté
100% organic, crisp and herbaceous.
4 oz. tin
Herbal Infusions

100% organic – classic Chamomile, flowery and renowned for it’s relaxing effects. Grown in the United States.
2 oz. tin
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