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Kéan Merchandise
Logo Merchandise

These thermal mugs hold 12 ounces and keep your hot beverages hot for hours. With a sip-through lid and a handle this is the mug you will want on your desk all day, every day.


8 oz cup and saucer set with Kean Coffee Artisan Roasters logo, perfect for pouring latte art, or drinking it just black. Choose from blue or black exterior, with white interior of the cup. (One cup and one saucer = 1 cup and saucer set. Two sets pictured here to show color choices)


An old style camper mug in the style of the metal mugs, but in ceramic and a little bigger to hold more coffee. This 12 oz mug won't burn your hand, but still looks retro cool. Choose black or white.


Our h2go stainless steel tumblers keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold for hours. Flip top lid screws on and off for easy cleaning. Hand wash recommended.


One of the steps in the ritual of brewing the perfect cup of coffee is to get an accurate and consistent measure of coffee to water. That ratio is two level-to-rounded tablespoons per six ounces of water. This specially crafted, heavy gauge, polished stainless steel two-tablespoon scoop is the perfect tool to get the right measure every time. Beautifully engraved with the Kean Coffee logo.


The Airscape Canister keeps fresh roasted coffee fresh longer with it's inner vacuum lid, which forces the air out to create an oxygen-free interior. Perfect for coffee storage! 64 fluid oz capacity. 4 3/4" base D. x 7"H, fits one 12 oz. bag of Kean Coffee perfectly.

Brew and Serve

Our h2go stainless steel tumblers keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold for hours. This cute little tumbler is perfect for bringing along one cup of coffee or tea. Flip top lid screws on and off for easy cleaning. Hand wash recommended.


single origin micro-lot honey produced by bees on coffee plantations in Huehuetenango, Guatemala.The delicate flavors of this honey are subtly sweet with jasmine notes and a hint of cinnamon. Produced by Jorge Mendez on Finca El Apario. 12 oz. by weight.


Always a classic, our ceramic Diner Mug features our "swirl" logo on one side and "Kean Coffee" on the other side. Sturdy, economical, and still cool, perfect for sipping your morning coffee outside your Airstream. Holds 10 oz of your favorite hot beverage.


Just in time for the holidays, Kean Coffee is now offering the new Hario V60 Copper Series. It's uniquely designed to allow for a perfectly uniform brew for all your manual pourover needs. The copper allows for excellent thermal conductivity by distributing the heat evenly. Its nickel-plated interior is meant for preventing metallic flavor and its exterior is intended for inhibiting tarnishing. All in all, the V60 Copper Brewer is impeccable for making a wonderfully extracted cup of coffee.


Sturdy 100% BPA, lead free, one piece design. Heat resistant grips for easy removal. 100% silicone O-ring & strong internal welds for longevity. Greater internal volume Micro-screen sides & laser perforated base to ensure an even extraction. Use your favorite Kean Coffee with your Keurig machine! *not compatible with the Keurig B30, B130, B150, B155, B3000, Mr Coffee KG-5 or Keurig Vue Brewers


Chlorine free tea filters for steeping individual cups of tea. Scoop loose leaf tea inside and steep to perfection. Size 1. Imported from Hanover, Germany.


The folks at Keep Cup are on a mission to reduce disposable cup waste. The sturdy, sleek, clear glass design with a sealable drink-thru lid makes environmental responsibility a breeze. Holds 12 oz. We want to make it super easy for you to bring a reusable cup, so take advantage of this low price!


Hario V60 stainless steel drip kettle, part of the Hario V60 pour over brewing set up. Martin's personal favorite!


The Skerton Coffee Mill Grinder from Hario is the eco-friendly way to grind your own coffee at home or on the go. Adjustable ceramic burrs shave off consistent grinds every time. 3.5 oz capacity.


The Encore is a great value- a conical burr grinder at a reasonable price that does the job, backed by Baratza's stellar customer service. Now available in black or white!


If you fancy brewing coffee at home like a pro, the VIRTUOSO+ is the grinder for you! it's the tried and true, quality driven grinder that most baristas have at home and even in their cafes!

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