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Our Coffees

At Kéan Coffee, we elevate coffee to it’s highest potential. A great coffee starts with the highest quality unroasted Arabica beans, called "green" coffee. Martin Diedrich cups numerous samples of green coffee from around the globe, harvested in the premium coffee growing regions of the world, before he settles on the small handful of green coffees he deems worthy of roasting for our guests at Kéan Coffee. Then he personally roasts them to perfection, bringing out the best qualities of each coffee so that the complex flavors and subtle notes of each coffee can be enjoyed to their fullest. Martin is also adamant about roasting coffees when they are in season, when they are the best they can be. Therefore, not all coffees are available year-round, and some very rare, seasonal coffees are available at Kéan Coffee only for a short time.

Because at Kéan Coffee we roast all of our coffees in-house, you will experience fine roasted coffee at its peak of freshness, when coffee should be enjoyed, a luxury that is impossible for large coffee chains to achieve. When you savor a cup of coffee at Kéan Coffee, you are experiencing coffee that has been expertly roasted within a few days or even hours of the time it reached your lips, not months, like mass-produced coffees. Once you experience it, the taste superiority is undeniable.

Due to the seasonal nature of our coffees, check back often to see what is on our current selection of fresh roasted coffee beans If you don't live close enough to one of our coffeehouse locations to stop in and pick up your coffee personally, you can have your coffee order shipped directly to you anywhere in the U.S. The coffees you receive by mail will be roasted within days of arriving at your door.

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